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Winter Hunting 


Oregon, Washington & Idaho

November - February






Elk are can get very big in certain parts of Oregon. The large bull is very elusive and difficult to hunt.  Some of the larger animals can be successfully hunted on private ranches.  In the 2014 season, elk numbers were down making the successful hunt even more difficult.


Bow hunting season begins at the end of September. through October and lasting through September. Rifle hunts, the most popular, have two short seasons. The first runs in mid-October and the second in last weeks of November.


Black Bears


Very popular Big Game animals for hunters in Oregon. Hunters come from many different states to hunt Oregon black bears.  The bears can only be tracked during controlled hunts offered by the state fish and wildlife agency. Hunters must register and obtain a license in February, far in advance. Only one bear per season can be bagged.  Please check with the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Black-Tail Deer


This deer is prized Oregon prey.  Oregon has set restrictions on this game. Rifle hunters are allowed one antlered buck per season.


California Quail


California quail are sought up and down the Western states.  You can find them in open space.  This bird is plentiful in Oregon, and the catch restrictions are not as restrictive as the big game. Oregon has has set a daily limit of 10 quail.




Cougars are game during the winter but also year-round. The state added the cougar to the list of game animals after noting an increase in population. The increase in Mountain cats can have a negative effice on the our fragil ecosystem.  Hunting is an essential population control.  Hunters are allowed one adult cougar per year. 




Mule deer in the State of Washington mostly reside on the Eastern side of the State.  The Blacktail deer can be found on the West side of Washington.  Mule deer poplulations are beginning to decline in Washington. Mostly due to exploding Whitetail populations, increased development and other factors.  




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